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Skrill Online Gambling Sites Where You Can Use It


Bookies which accept Skrill

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Many punters prefer Skrill because they don’t have to give out personal payment info when shopping online. This makes everything more secure and people can manage their money from just one place. It’s very simple to use an account at Skrill and after you have created one, all you need to do is add the sources from which you will deposit money which can be a bank account, MasterCard, Visa card or even a Debit card. Mobile apps are constantly growing in popularity and you can even manage your funds from your mobile phone which can be extremely useful if you’re not at home.

The function of Skrill is fairly similar to PayPal because it is used as a mediator between the customer and the merchant. When talking specifically about gambling sites, you can open a new account at Skrill and then deposit money into it.

After you have created your account at their website, you will probably notice that the company was named Moneybookers but underwent a name change. You shouldn’t be worried, this is only a cosmetic change and all the other things are pretty much the same.

Security is always a priority at Skrill which means that you will have to answer some questions when registering at their website, for example, questions that can help verify your identity. After you have done that, you will be required to enter the details of your bank account. This is a completely normal procedure and shouldn’t cause any problems whatsoever.

When you have completed all of these requirements, just go to a bookmaker that accepts Skrill as a payment method and deposit some funds into your account.

All you need to do is select Skrill/Moneybookers from the deposit methods menu and login into your account to prove that it’s really you. Make sure that you’re really visiting the Moneybookers/Skrill website; you can check this by seeing if the page is encrypted and has a padlock before the website URL.

Then you need to enter the sum you wish to deposit and Skrill will take care of the rest. The money is being transferred from your bank account to the bookies and it all happens very quickly.

Skrill Online Security

Skrill Online Security

You don’t have to worry about security if you are using the Skrill or Moneybookers website. You don’t have to give out your payment information to the bookies, so only you only have to trust the people at Skrill who are an international organization and have a great reputation.

All of the transactions that are being made are SSL encrypted which means you are only disclosing your username and password at Skrill when making a transaction so that even if someone manages to hack your account, Skrill has your back and protects you from any type of fraud. Of course, you should keep your password at a safe place and not tell it to anyone. The merchant doesn’t even know from which bank the money is coming from which means more security for you.

You will need to verify your bank account when registering for the first time at Skrill which keeps you safe from people who make accounts and connect them to other random bank accounts. In order to get verified, you will receive a transaction to your card/bank account from Skrill which you will have to check and use it to verify your account. After all of this is done, you are ready to go.

Skrill History

Skrill existс since 2001, one year before Moneybookers was launched. It grew in popularity very quickly and has more than 15 million customers at the moment. They started branding themselves as Skrill which is more popular in Europe than in the USA where they are still known as Moneybookers.

The company operates in over 200 countries across the world and is a part of the banking systems which makes it one of the biggest payment companies worldwide. Moneybookers also offers more than 100 payment options and deal with 41 currencies. Their brand is constantly growing and they are gaining respect across the world very easily. The service is improving constantly and Skrill has won many awards for being the best payment provider two years in a row. They also have a partnership with eBay which means another alternative to PayPal. Facebook and Skype are other companies who accept Skrill as a payment method, so you can see that they are most definitely a big name in the online transactions business.

Skrill History

Deloitte Buyout Track 100 League made Moneybookers the fastest growing company in the United Kingdom in February 2010. Their services are being used by more than 100,000 companies, which makes them a real competitor to other services. The first bookmaker that accepted them was Bet365 with others following them afterwards.

Skrill Associated Fees

Skrill customers usually are content with the fact that all of their money is in a secure place, so they don’t mind the small fees that the company charges.

Depositing into your account is almost always free, but you get charged a small fee when making a withdrawal. This fee can be 1% or 0.5 euros, but it depends on which amount is smaller.

Skrill are rewarding the customers who use their accounts often with smaller fees. Sometimes even the bookies can take care of the charges if you’re a regular customer and ask them for it. We think that for the quality of the service you get, these charges are completely reasonable and almost never are more than a few quid.